Toughened Glass Frameless Shopfronts

Growing rapidly in popularity toughened glass (frameless) shopfronts really does bring the modern character to your business. Toughened glass doors can be installed with rails and/or patch fittings available in a variety of stylish finishes (satin/polished stainless steel, powder coated, anodised) with ornamental door handles to match.

Nationwide shopfronts and shutters provide premium grade frameless toughened glass fronts; our exclusive live of products can be used for displays, showrooms, offices etc. Our pioneering products have led us to extend our range and provide clarity of vision, security and elegance coupled with our wide range of accompanying doors bespoke to each shop front.

Physically stronger and thermally efficient than normal glass, Toughened Glass is used for strength, thermal resistance and security. The toughened glassed is usually paired with our unique frameless glass shop fronts to give the possible look and match.

Benefits of Toughened Glass Shop Fronts

  • Scratch Resistant Properties
  • Strong in Case of Vandalism
  • Council-Friendly
  • High Quality Product that is Visually Appealing
  • Thermal Resistance to improve Energy Saving

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