Solid Lath Shutters

Nationwide reputation of Security roller shutters (a.k.a. sectional overhead door) are strong and Built for Purpose in line with Client Specifications. All doors are built in line with British standards and are fitted with High Quality British Made Parts..

In today's climate, out of hours protection is essential for any business or resident property, and having these doors is the best thing you can do as it acts as perfect deterrent to intrusion and theft. A sectional overhead door can play a vital role in a security plan, and here at UK Shopfront and Glazing, we are happy to say that we can provide these to commercial and residential premises in any size or nature..
Our ranges of solid design rolling doors are best for businesses where blanket coverage after working hours is required. These doors can be powder coated to any RAL colour or can be left in their galvanized mill silver finish..

All solid sectional overhead doors can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise using an electric tubular motor or a spring-loaded manual movement. The spring-loaded option is recommended for smaller doors, as the span is smaller. All electric tubular motors used in our doors are stamped with relevant CE and TUV quality trademarks. To operate these doors, we provide our clients with remote control units or key switches. Additionally, a range of pin and floor locks is available for purchase.
In the past we have supplied shutters to office blocks, retail premises, council buildings, garages and other properties with a extremely high success rate so that you can be rest assured that choosing us is the best choice on every occasion..

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